how to pack disposable dinnerware, plates, knife, fork, spoon

How to pack disposable dinnerware? disposable dinnerware package Recently the disposable dinnerware are very popular, including plates, knives, forks, spoons, but how to pack them? normally 25pcs per bag for palm leaf plates, 100pcs per bag for forks/spoons/knives etc., but we also supply OEM order, welcome you contact us and advise your request.

What is teak wood

What is teak wood what is teak wood Properties: Teak is a yellow to dark brown hardwood which is extremely heavy, strong and durable. Often strongly figured, teak may show straight grain, mottled or fiddleback figures. It carves well, but because of its high value, is often used as a veneer. Scandinavian modern, and oriental furniture styles are often crafted of teak.

What is mahogany

What is mahogany wood What is mahogany wood? Mahogany, also known as Honduras mahogany is a tropical hardwood indigenous to South America, Central America and Africa. There are many different grades and species sold under this name, which vary widely in quality and price. Mahogany which comes from the Caribbean is thought to be the hardest, strongest and best quality. Logs from Africa, though highly figured, are of slightly lesser quality. Properties: Mahogany is strong, with a uniform pore structure and poorly defined annual rings. Mahogany is used extensively in the crafting of Georgian, Empire and Federal reproduction furniture. Mahogany is also used in styles ranging from Victorian furniture reproductions to Contemporary

What is cherry wood

What is cherry wood? what is cherry wood Cherry is grown in the Eastern half of the U.S.. It is sometimes called fruitwood. The term fruitwood is also used to describe a light brown finish on other woods.Properties: A moderately hard, strong, closed grain, light to red-brown wood, cherry resists warping and checking. It is easy to carve and polish.Cherry veneers and solids are used in a variety of styles, such as packing boxes, gift boxes, jewelry boxes. Cherry has been called New England mahogany and is often used to craft 18th century, Colonial and French Provincial designs.

What is walnut wood

What is walnut wood what is walnut wood Walnut is one of the most versatile and popular cabinet making woods. It grows in Europe, America and Asia. There are many different varieties.Properties: Walnut is strong, hard and durable, without being excessively heavy. It has excellent woodworking qualities, and takes finishes well. The wood is light to dark chocolate brown in color with a straight grain in the trunk. Wavy grain is present toward the roots, and walnut stumps are often dug out and used as a source of highly figured veneer. Large burls are common.Walnut solids and veneers show a wide range of figures, including strips, burls, mottles, crotches, curls and butts. European walnut is lighter in color and slightly finer in texture than American black walnut, but otherwise comparable. Walnut is used in all types of packing boxes

What is oak wood

What is oak wood? what is oak wood Oak wood is wood that is cut from an oak tree. Oak wood is prized for its strength, uniformity and beautiful grain.Oak wood has been cut from an oak tree and is classified as a hardwood. There are over 600 species of oak, but red oak and white oak are considered to be the most suitable for woodworking projects. Its strength and beauty makes it ideal for cabinets, furniture and flooring materials. The color of oak wood depends on the species of tree from which it was cut. White oak has a color that ranges from grey to brown. Red oak ranges from a dark pink to brown. Its open pores allow oak wood to accept stain readily, which can bring out the unique color variations within a single piece of wood. Oak wood can also be used as a veneer, which allows cabinetmakers to build affordable cabinets that feature the beauty of oak, and we purchase this material from US.

What is maple wood

What is maple wood? what is maple wood There are 115 species of maple. Only 5 commercially important species grow in the U.S. Two of the five are hard rock maple and sugar maple. Maple is a type of hardwood that is cut from maple trees. Maple has a unique color and grain, which makes it a highly prized woodworking product.Maple is cut from maple trees, which can grow very tall. Maple wood is used in many woodworking projects due to its grain pattern. Some cuts of maple wood feature grain that has a flame-like appearance. Other cuts may have small knots, in which case the wood is known as bird's eye maple.Pls kindly check the grain of maple and you will know what kind of box can be made by it, more beautiful and we purchase this material from US

What is birch wood

What is birch wood? what is birch wood Birch wood is a light wood with a very fine grain. It is often used to make furniture and gift boxes. It is also frequently used as a veneer due to its beautiful grain and color.The two types of birch wood that are most readily available are yellow birch and white birch. They both are very pale in color with a blend of gold and white. Birch wood is one of the least expensive woods on the market and a very easy hardwood to stain and finish. Birch wood is commonly used for plywood because of its strength and inexpensive cost. The wood is also used frequently as a veneer for cabinets and floors.

What is paulownia wood

What is paulownia wood? what is paulownia wood Paulownia is a genus of 6 to 17 species (depending on taxonomic authority) of flowering plants in the family Paulowniaceae, related to and sometimes included in the Scrophulariaceae. They are present in much of China. Properties: it's soft, not so strong as pine wood, light weight, normally used for making gift boxes, light enough to carry, and texture is beautiful enough.We purchase this material from our local, high quality.

What is beech wood

What is beech wood? what is beech wood Beech is a single species which grows in the eastern half of the United States.Properties & Uses: Beech is a hard, strong, heavy wood with tiny pores and large conspicuous medullary rays, similar in appearance to maple. This relatively inexpensive wood has reddish brown heartwood and light sapwood. Beech is often used for frames, a variety of bent and turned parts. Quarter sliced and half round cut beech veneers are commonly used.

What is pine wood

what is pine wood? What is pine wood Pine: Pine is a softwood which grows in most areas of the Northern Hemisphere. There are more than 100 species worldwide. As the manufacturer of wooden boxes, we normally import the material from New Zealand, or RussiaProperties: Pine is a soft, white or pale yellow wood which is light weight, straight grained and lacks figure. It resists shrinking and swelling and normally used for making wooden boxes, gift packing boxes, wooden crates etc.

What is the difference between a crate and a box

A box is a more general term and a crate is a more specific term; a crate is usually a box, but a box is not necessarily a crate.

What are wooden crates used for

Wood has been used for centuries to craft everything from furniture to ships to fine and industrial wooden boxes. While fine wood boxes were used for decorative purposes or to store precious objects, whereas industrial wood boxes (and crates) were used to gather, store, protect and ship consumer goods

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