What is oak wood
What is oak wood?
what is oak wood
Oak wood is wood that is cut from an oak tree. Oak wood is prized for its strength, uniformity and beautiful grain.

Oak wood has been cut from an oak tree and is classified as a hardwood. There are over 600 species of oak, but red oak and white oak are considered to be the most suitable for woodworking projects. Its strength and beauty makes it ideal for cabinets, furniture and flooring materials. 

The color of oak wood depends on the species of tree from which it was cut. White oak has a color that ranges from grey to brown. Red oak ranges from a dark pink to brown. Its open pores allow oak wood to accept stain readily, which can bring out the unique color variations within a single piece of wood. 

Oak wood can also be used as a veneer, which allows cabinetmakers to build affordable cabinets that feature the beauty of oak, and we purchase this material from US.

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